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Method and Strategy

A strategy for success

A strategy for success - Monde Parfait

We simplify complex ideas by using clear simple language to identify and explain the key learning points. 

We help you to organise the study material efficiently by identifying, where possible, the structure of connections that exist between related ideas. 

 We use language from real life examples relevant to your situation in a way that your experiences act to physically strengthen your memorisation and recall of the study material.

Plan of action

Plan of action - Monde Parfait

Check out the 5 simple steps below to find out more and get started.

1. Lesson options
Lesson times

3. Location and method
4. Terms and Conditions
5. Contact us

1.  Lesson options: We teach through different modules depending on the situation of the student. Starting from the context to the theory. In this way, they only learn the grammar and vocabulary that they really need.

2.  Lesson times:

     We operate a flexible timetable for our tuition and will try to meet any specific timetable needs that you may have.


3. Location and method:

     We are usually able to visit our clients in their place of business, work or home location.

     In some circumstances it may be possible for individual students to study via skype.

     We are always happy to discuss your individual needs and to offer flexibility in your choice of location and method 
of study. 

4. Terms and Conditions of service:

    By using any of our services (which may or may not include viewing this website in whole or in part)  you agree to fully accept our terms and to be bound by the conditions of service.

5. Contact us http://monde-parfait.com/1/contacts_1223493.html



OUR METHOD - Monde Parfait

 We use Concept Mapping as a method, which is a visual representation of ideas in the form of a diagram, connecting related elements: concepts, links and and labels. This way we help the student structure and direct their thoughts, save time and memorize the material efficiently.

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